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Created by a group of geeks. SillyCon is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to cultivate various aspects of information technology, encourage innovations and kindling ideas.
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18th November 2017, Nasscom Startup Warehouse Kolkata, 7th Floor, Monibhandar Building Webel Bhavan Premises, Sector5, Ring Rd, Bidhannagar, West Bengal 700091.

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Our History

We started with an aim to provide enlightenment to people enthusiastic about learning technology to become experts and also to collaborate and come up with solutions to various technological challenges. We believe technology is meant to be used for helping the society and giving a better tomorrow for mankind.

We also believe community learning is the best form of learning – It’s the people around us that enrich our daily life. We have industry experts in our group from the fields of Information Security, Open Source, Cloud, DevOps etc., who have come together at SillyCon, to develop a better IT ecosystem, where young and eager minds of today can be nurtured to developing them into the innovators of tomorrow.




Two friends. Online. Chatting. Yes, the idea of starting such a community came while KP (Krishnendu Paul) and Prady (Pradyuna Das) was engrossed in a chat about the sorry state of knowledge regarding information technology, especially in Kolkata. The two friends, being from the infotech industry and having vast knowledge, ofter encountered questions like – What should I learn to get a job in the info tech world? What technology stream/tool will help me? Are there any ‘good’ job offers in Kolkata or do I need to migrate to another city?. Looking for a solution to the answer, they hit upon the ‘silly’ idea of starting an informal tech community, where students, nerds, geeks and industry experts meet to share, gain knowledge and create a talent pool. Thus was born ‘SillyCon’.



Toddling Stage

As Prady lives in UK, KP shared this SillyCon idea with a few of his like-minded friends, and we had our first meetup on the lawns of City Center! Yes, it was under the stars!




As the news of this ‘silly’ group spread, more people joined us, especially students from the tech stream and we felt the need for a proper meeting place. Luckily, we got such a centrally-located place at Webel Bhavan, Salt Lake, at the Nasscom 10,000 Startups Warehouse, where we can meeting since, once every month.




Sailing through the growing years has not been on calm waters always, but we did reach adulthood. We had industry leaders coming to our meetups to share their knowledge with out members. Also, in these years we could provide job openings for our members.


Our Mission

For more than 3 years we are pushing our limits to accomplish our mission for a better tomorrow for you, for us, and for the next generation of Indians. An India, Where we will be more secure from cyber-threats. Also, a future where our talents will be praised and where we can enhance it by sharing our knowledge with others.

Do you believe in our (silly) dream of a better future?


01. Law Awareness

a. Cyber Law Awareness campaign

b. Cyber Security Awareness with Students, Corporate and the Government

c. Creating Draft of Anti-Cyber Extortion Framework for Indian Scenario

02. Student Enhancement

a. Create a personality development program for Freshers / Students

b. Inspiring Students/Professionals to contribute and participate in worldwide Open Source Development eco-system

c. Creating a bridge between Professionals and Freshers/Students – so they can share knowledge with each other

03. Corporate Engagement

a. Guiding members to understand their talent, so they can understand and estimate their potential as Entrepreneur

b. Creating a funnel between technology experts and corporates to create a healthy eco-system where corporates can get the properly trained resource


We are Growing

Starting in 2014 with a just a handful of enthusiasts, we are now 2000+ members and growing. Today, SillyCon has become an umbrella organisation for OWASP Kolkata Chapter, Cloud Security Alliance Kolkata Chapter, NodeJS Kolkata Chapter, Kolkata Null Chapter. Also able to attach with DSCI Kolkata Chapter.

2014: 500 Members

2015: 1000 Members

2016: 1500

2017: 2000 Members

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